The Elements of a Promising Television Show

From time to time, there are specific shows that grip society and make their mark in pop culture. Honorable mentions such as I Love Lucy, Grey’s Anatomy, and Survivor have cemented themselves as long-lasting crowd favorites even after many years. Because of the apparent success of some shows and the short run that others are left with, it has left some wondering what contributes to a show’s success and its ability to be renewed for additional seasons.

After studying the elements of these crowd favorites, a few components stuck out more than others as to what gives a television show its potential.

Engaging Dialogue

With many overdone jokes crowding out scripts and bland plotlines leaving much to be desired, coming across enticing dialogue can be a difficult task nowadays. Scriptwriters must work overtime to bring back effortless comedy, dramatic monologues, and natural conversations that don’t feel like an elementary script. Some of the most successful shows in existence are those that are written to excellence each episode, geared towards their target audience while not being too desperate for attention. A cast can have the most beloved stars in Hollywood and still fail on account of terribly written scripts. Dialogue must bring the characters to life and enhance the overall storyline.

A Sense of Individuality

In the overcrowded digital market, filmmakers and show developers are being met with the challenge of introducing new concepts to a tired audience. Shows like Friends might have worked in the past because of their fresh perspective on single adults, a cast with immense chemistry, and hilarious commentary, but it takes a bit more to entice an audience nowadays, especially with attention spans running at an all-time low. Successful shows are branded by the unique selling points that set them apart from other similar genres. Once a show developer has developed this concept, they’ll have a much better chance of garnering public interest.

Believable Characters

Even with no formal acting education, viewers can spot a bad actor from a mile away. While actors have to push past a bad script and read the dialogue prepared for them, there have been instances where average actors cannot deliver a well-written script as they should. This inability to tap into their character can have negative effects on the show in general. In order for viewers to be sucked into a show, they need to have convincing characters with depth, not surface-level cast members with no emotional tug. The cast has a large impact on how a show is received. Finding this talented group of individuals can be the golden ticket to success.



Based in Winter Park, FL, Luis Roldan is the former President and GM at Telemundo Orlando. He has 25+ year in the broadcast industry.

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Luis Roldan Telemundo

Based in Winter Park, FL, Luis Roldan is the former President and GM at Telemundo Orlando. He has 25+ year in the broadcast industry.