Telemundo Wins Ex-Worker’s Lawsuit

A federal judge ruled in favor of the Spanish-language network Telemundo on July 1, 2022, after a former sales representative accused one of her supervisors of committing alleged sexual harassment. The judge said the plaintiff didn’t show that the alleged mistreatment affected her overall job performance and didn’t notify the company of her concerns fast enough.

Judge Wendy W. Berger granted the company’s motion for summary judgment, which allowed it to argue that the allegations weren’t enough to justify a Title VII violation.

The judge noted that there was not a sufficient amount of evidence to show that the alleged harassment was severe or pervasive enough. She also said that the company had a stable policy in place that required employees to report instances of sexual harassment when they occur.

Judge Wendy Berger also took note that it was the sole responsibility of the plaintiff to make a complaint regarding alleged inappropriate conduct. She said that the woman waited over a year before she filed her complaint against the supervisor, which in the judge’s eyes was too long to speak up. As a result, an internal investigation was carried out immediately and quickly after she filed her complaint and found no evidence of the allegations.

The former General Manager, Luis Roldan, responded, “I am very satisfied that the Judge dismissed the case citing insufficient evidence and that it did not proceed to a trial.” Luis Roldan felt that justice was finally served and is pleased with the results of the case and ready to move forward as Telemundo continues to make strides.

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Luis Roldan Telemundo

Based in Winter Park, FL, Luis Roldan is the former President and GM at Telemundo Orlando. He has 25+ year in the broadcast industry.